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Webber’s post-race radio words

Monday, July 13th, 2009

In case you’ve been living under a rock in Australia.  Mark Webber won his first F1 race overnight.

This article amused me, in which Mark Webber is quoted as saying:

“Yeah, yeh, yeh.” he screeched aloud. “Oh yes. You beauty! Yes.”

I think Reuters might have missed a word.  Between “You” and “beauty”.  I’ll let you figure that out.

I think they also cut off the radio transmission because following the quote above, he said “We’re going to get…”

Which is a shame, because Mark was obviously going to say something like:

“We’re going to get my Dad, and Ann, and then we’re going to have a nice warm cup of tea, mine is white with two sugars, have it ready after the press conference.”

But for some reason they cut that off…

Don’t know why.

International Superstar has left the country

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009


Not quite yet.

I’m sitting at 40 West Coffee Cafe in Indianapolis, chilling out with Pressdog’s race summary before I fly home. Gentlemen start your jet engines at 5:30pm.

To give people an idea of the trip:
Indianapolis to Memphis (On Northwest), Memphis to LAX (On Northwest), LAX to Sydney (on V Australia), then Sydney to Melbourne.  Arriving at Melbourne at 10:30 on Thursday.  Only 29 hours this time with a reduced LAX layover.  Sleep should be nicer too, as I’m in Australian nighttime on the plane, so I will try and sleep.

Wednesday is, well, there is no Wednesday.

I was going to post a thank you post, but if I do that, I’m going to leave somebody’s name out.  I’ll do something once I get back to Melbourne and have time to write something coherent.

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped in making this little vacation the most awesome thing I’ve done in a long, long time.  Whether you were a media person, a team member, an IMS/IRL staff member, a blogger, an Indianapolis 500 historian, a member of the track staff, a hot dog vendor, or a fan I ran into at the track or an airport, or a person I met at a bar while having a feed: Thank you.  It’s been truly a pleasure.

I do intend on coming back. When will depend on when the IRL introduce the new car, whether I can get a job over here, how the credit card is travelling, and/or whether anybody is stupid enough to offer their services as a wife, Will and Grace style (US gov, only kidding about the last bit).

So for now, I’ll see ya in Melbourne.

Media Alert: Shane live on Saturday

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Since people in Australia insist on me reminding them…

I have been invited to be a guest on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network during the Indy Lights practice session 2 tomorrow:

When: Saturday 4 July: 8:45AM Eastern, 10:45PM AEST, 8:45PM AWT (others check local guides – always wanted to say that)
Where: On’s Media Center (click here). Click the “Indy Live” menu item, you then might have to click the “Indy lights practice session 2 link”

Ten reasons the Indy Racing League should hire me

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

This appeared in the Twittersphere today, courtesy of my friend and big racing fan SpeeedFreekBash, who basicailly went straight from the operating table to Texas Motor Speedway, such is her enthusiasm for the racing product. Republished with permission.

Ten Reasons Why #IndyCar Should Hire @shagers (no particular order):

1. Babe magnet. Looks like a driver, sounds like one, too. A boost to the female demographics for the league.
2. He is custodian of the Briscoe Consolation Vegemite and can ably expand to handle a case of the stuff for Will Power.
3. He’s an accomplished hot dog taster and can help the league’s concessionaires improve their offerings.
4. Who else can set up and administer a network, then i’view/photo drivers, observe races and provide content over that network?
5. He’s a rising radio star.
6. He’s a team player, devoting his energy to getting Hideki Mutoh a date instead of keeping the hot young ladies for himself.
7. In a rare moment of consensus, media members AND bloggers love him.
8. He’s always thinking of ideas for improving the product and how it is received by the fans.
9. Dedication – up at any hour of the day or night to witness a race live or via broadcast. Your racing organization needs him.
10. He’s plug n play, with a wide range of knowledge: technical, strategic, marketing, PR and the business of racing.

Nice work Bash.  I need to figure out how to get that in my resume!

Jeff, Brian, Terry, you have my email address.