Ten reasons the Indy Racing League should hire me

This appeared in the Twittersphere today, courtesy of my friend and big racing fan SpeeedFreekBash, who basicailly went straight from the operating table to Texas Motor Speedway, such is her enthusiasm for the racing product. Republished with permission.

Ten Reasons Why #IndyCar Should Hire @shagers (no particular order):

1. Babe magnet. Looks like a driver, sounds like one, too. A boost to the female demographics for the league.
2. He is custodian of the Briscoe Consolation Vegemite and can ably expand to handle a case of the stuff for Will Power.
3. He’s an accomplished hot dog taster and can help the league’s concessionaires improve their offerings.
4. Who else can set up and administer a network, then i’view/photo drivers, observe races and provide content over that network?
5. He’s a rising radio star.
6. He’s a team player, devoting his energy to getting Hideki Mutoh a date instead of keeping the hot young ladies for himself.
7. In a rare moment of consensus, media members AND bloggers love him.
8. He’s always thinking of ideas for improving the product and how it is received by the fans.
9. Dedication – up at any hour of the day or night to witness a race live or via broadcast. Your racing organization needs him.
10. He’s plug n play, with a wide range of knowledge: technical, strategic, marketing, PR and the business of racing.

Nice work Bash.  I need to figure out how to get that in my resume!

Jeff, Brian, Terry, you have my email address.

2 Responses to “Ten reasons the Indy Racing League should hire me”

  1. Michael says:

    When you get that job, are there any ‘jobs for the boys’? (i.e. me)

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