International Superstar has left the country


Not quite yet.

I’m sitting at 40 West Coffee Cafe in Indianapolis, chilling out with Pressdog’s race summary before I fly home. Gentlemen start your jet engines at 5:30pm.

To give people an idea of the trip:
Indianapolis to Memphis (On Northwest), Memphis to LAX (On Northwest), LAX to Sydney (on V Australia), then Sydney to Melbourne.  Arriving at Melbourne at 10:30 on Thursday.  Only 29 hours this time with a reduced LAX layover.  Sleep should be nicer too, as I’m in Australian nighttime on the plane, so I will try and sleep.

Wednesday is, well, there is no Wednesday.

I was going to post a thank you post, but if I do that, I’m going to leave somebody’s name out.  I’ll do something once I get back to Melbourne and have time to write something coherent.

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped in making this little vacation the most awesome thing I’ve done in a long, long time.  Whether you were a media person, a team member, an IMS/IRL staff member, a blogger, an Indianapolis 500 historian, a member of the track staff, a hot dog vendor, or a fan I ran into at the track or an airport, or a person I met at a bar while having a feed: Thank you.  It’s been truly a pleasure.

I do intend on coming back. When will depend on when the IRL introduce the new car, whether I can get a job over here, how the credit card is travelling, and/or whether anybody is stupid enough to offer their services as a wife, Will and Grace style (US gov, only kidding about the last bit).

So for now, I’ll see ya in Melbourne.

One Response to “International Superstar has left the country”

  1. Roy Hobbson says:

    And you never once stopped by the Pagoda. Tsk tsk tsk. For shame, friend. For shame.

    Travel safe.