Critique of Hideki’s pickup technique

After detailed research, I may have discovered the problem with Hideki Mutoh’s pickup technique.

Take this scene.

Top signs that girl may be into you:
(1) Girl leans over to show interest (at 0:23)
(2) Girl plays with hair (at 0:32)
(3) Girl gets into your personal space with her hands (1:39)
(4) Girl laughs at jokes that are not really funny. (this especially applies when you laugh after joke, in the hope that she laughs back.) (1:45, 2:41 and 3:05)
(5) Girl completes your sentences for you (1:58) (heck, my ex-wife wasn’t that good!)
(6) Girl asks if you have a girlfriend (2:06)
(7) Girl asks if you hang out with another chick a lot, especially one that looks a bit like her. (2:28)
(8) Girl shows interest in knowing who or where you’re hanging out tonight (2:35)

Hideki, mate.  For goodness sake: GO IN FOR THE KILL!  You can’t expect your pit crew to make up places for you here, you’ve got to try and make a pass!

The message is clear my friend, if you want you’re girlfriend to go from 11T to 36-24-36, you don’t do it by talking to Conquest Racing or Dreyer and Reinbold.

2 Responses to “Critique of Hideki’s pickup technique”

  1. Roy Hobbson says:

    Enough with this. It’s high time we turn young master Hideki over to the big guns. The professionals. It’s high time we called in Jack Arute, who can EASILY turn the most timid of wallflowers into an ultra-confident, well-bronzed, shiny-teeth’d love-maker & Scotch enthusiast.

    Hideki will be shooing the ladies away with an tire gun. Or possibly pouring Ruffies into their margaritas. Either or. (In Arute-ian terms, there is little difference.)

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